Tile, Tile, Tile - oh wait, no Tile

After 5 weeks of no Tiles arriving (supposedly they have been shipped on the 16th. of September) I finally send them an email requesting the status of the shipment - this is what I got back:


Seriously, you will need 17 days to reply to my email??? I haven’t even gotten my Tiles yet and this just spells FAIL to me. Sorry, it seems there will be no unbiased product review on my site. This just annoys the heck out of me, if you don’t want to deal with your customers give them a tracking number so that I can get on the phone with UPS or whoever you are using - but “we expect to respond in 17 days to your email”? You want a handwritten letter? Would that be faster?

Hey Tile, the 60’s called - they want their customer support process back.

Do you need a new iPad?

Let's start with saying that I almost was right with everything I predicted for the Apple event yesterday - I guess the only thing they didn't announce was the Apple TV (they probably want something for next year).

The new iPads are here and they look really nice - I have to have the gold iPad Air 2 just because of its looks. However, considering that the technology updates are minimal it is not easy to predict if these will be a huge success. Most people don't invest in anew tablet every two years. Business Intelligence' Chart of the day shows the distribution of iPad models today. I think it is fair to assume that only iPad 1/2/3 owners are willing to change to the new hardware generation. 

I still have my iPad 3 and original iPad Mini - both work great and I only go for the new models because of the design and the color. I guess that means that Apple now is a lifestyle & design company.

How we rent movies - and how it will change!

I saw this interesting graph from Business Insider that shows how movie renting has developed and more and more the Internet becomes the vehicle-of-choice for getting and watching movies.

As even for today the bandwidth becomes more and more an issue - everyone wants HD 1080p movies today - the future will see this trend reversed. At least in the medium term physical media will rise again when we switch to 4K resolution Video - movies at that resolution will make it almost impossible to stream to many Internet users in the foreseeable future. Will people choose convenience over quality - sure. But many will opt for getting a disc delivered to enjoy their 4K TV set which otherwise would be utterly useless.

It's been way too long. For what?

I could start analyzing the logo and point out that it's rainbow colored just as the original Apple logo, ot the fact that the event will take place where the original Mac got introduced 30 years ago. Possibly that is not even a logo but a pen pressing down on the new iPad Air Pro screen, or maybe the powercables of Macs are just way too long. Who knows?

I am going out on a limp here and say that Tim Cook promised that Apple has in 2014 the best product pipeline ever. So far, we have gotten two phones (from my point of view those are way too long) and an announcement for a Watch that will come early next year (which means May). Oh, and some buggy software. Not necesseraly the best product pipeline ever so far. That's why I believe that tomorrow we will see far more than almost everyone predicts.

Sure, there will be an iPad Air that looks like your iPhone 6 and if you wait long enough you can get it in gold. The iMacs will be updated with an end-of-the line product with Retina display while the other models stay in place for a while. 

Yosemite will be released during the event, iOS 8.1 seems a given. But what else?

Here is my prediction:

Anything that used to be iLife will be completely reworked (we kind of know that already) including iPhoto and iMovie. There will be a new Mac Mini, possibly with a rainbow colored Logo and some minor technical upgrades. We will be surprised by the announcement of the iPad Pro, which will not be released until early next year (May again). Apple Pay goes live - starting with Walgreens on Saturday (and there will be lines at Walgreens just to check it out) and there will be a new Apple TV (May 2015). 

And with that Apple has updated all existing products this year and you could call that a good product pipeline - possibly the best Apple ever had.

Windows 10 activation issue

When I updated my Windows 8 to the technical preview it was not automatically activated as described in the Microsoft documentation. 

The following process will take care of the activation issue on in-place updated Windows 10 installations:

1. Open Administrative command prompt

2. Type: SLUI 3

3. Enter the product key Microsoft provided for recovery scenarios: PBHCJ-Q2NYD-2PX34-T2TD6-233PK

This will get rid of the Activation Message (at least until April of 2015)

Windows 10 - nice name

I have installed the Enterprise technical preview on my main work machine last week to check the differences to our Windows 8 based corporate installation. And I have to say I am completely blown away!

By the name that is.

Because let's face it, after working on this for a few days - it is exactly Windows 8. If I wouldn't have reconfigured it to use the Startmenu (which I don't really want -  I was fine with the Tiles) you would not be able to see anything different to Windows 8. 

So the name that distances this from Windows 8 by two version numbers (and puts it on par with OS X) is the only real genius thing about Windows 10. Technology wise this is a service pack at best.

Tile is really coming...

I just received the notification that my pre-order should be arriving soon - so far 13 month waiting. I will post a review as soon as they are here:

Thank you.

Your Tile order has shipped!


Exciting News: Your Tile pre-order has shipped. You should receive your Tile in a couple of days.

You can download the Tile application for IOS by clicking here or on the App Store icon below:

You can visit our Help Center for answers to commonly asked questions as well as access to product and application instructions by visiting http://www.thetileapp.com/support

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Support team at team@thetileapp.com 


Nick, Mike, and the entire Tile team

XP Users wake up already!

When I sit down at a PC running XP these days I usually have two thoughts going through my mind. First, how could anyone work with this garbage from 13 years ago - and second, why would anyone want to? The initial release of Windows XP was on August 24, 2001. Think about that for a minute!

That was before 9/11. We had at least 2 mayor wars since then. Apple released the iPod (First Generation) in October of that year. I had three kids since then. I mean seriously - get used to change people. What's the holdup?

I get it if you didn't like Vista (even though I don't understand it - it is a superior product in so many regards) - but XP instead of Windows 7? Come on, seriously? And yes, there are applications that didn't run on Vista, or Windows 7 - I understand that pain, I am responsible for running 15.000 Windows systems worldwide. But it has been 13 years - how much longer do you want to wait to change those applications or replace them finally? 

I found this graph on BusinessInsider and it is astonishing to me how reckless people are when it comes to the topic of Windows XP.

30% marketshare of all Windows versions - that is amazing. I hope you all know that the day for the funeral is fixed (and it's close). 

On a lighter note - migrate to Windows 8 - it's a joy and nearly not as bad as everyone wants you to believe - again, it is the best Windows yet.

Android users - where are those people?

"Android now claims over 1 billion active users, and is quickly closing in on Windows as the most-often-used technology platform on earth. It controls over 80 percent of the smart phone market and over 62 percent of the tablet market and is still gaining share in each every year."

62% of the market should mean you could actually see someone using an Android tablet. But where? In my un-scientific survey this week I had the ratio of 26:1 for iOS based tablets. How did I do my survey? I walked through town, coffee shops, malls etc. 

I have to admit that in the smartphone market the ratio was 22:4 - so someone is using Android based phones. The other 22 where iPhones.

I just don't believe that Google's numbers have anything to do with reality.

Tile is shipping

As an international customer it will still take a couple of weeks until I receive my Tiles - however I am excited that the wait is over.

Here the latest Video from Tile:

"I've come up with a set of rules that describe our reactions to technology"

(Douglas Adams) - and even though Adams died in 2001 these rules will hold true for a long, long time.

1. Anything that is in the world when you're born is normal and ordinary and is just a natural part of the way the world works.

2. Anything that's invented between when you're 15 and 35 is new and exciting and revolutionary and you can probably get a career in it.

3. Anything invented after you're 35 is against the natural order of things.

Microsoft - stupid, stupid, stupid

Microsoft announced that they wil decouple Kinect from the XBOX One and lower the price by 100$ to compete more even with the PS4 which seems to be the early winner of this console cycle.

Microsoft will also remove the necessity for having a Gold Subscription for accessing (most) entertainment content on their consoles.

Both of these things are wrong and outright stupid for different reasons.

First they are abandoning their vision of an all-in-one console that comes with current technologoy (Motion Sensors, Voice Control etc.), they are screwing their developers ("Developers, Developers, Developers!") and they are annoying me because I bought into their vision and now will get a lot less services and games that support their state of the art technology. 

That said, their XBOX Gold Subscription change was overdue and is only stupid because it is much too late! Why in the world would I have to pay 60$ a year to use Netflix which in itself doesn't cost much more? Who did ever think that was a good idea in any way? Same for Skype on the XBOX - what in the world was Microsoft thinking? 

If Microsoft decided to compete on price because they are 2 million behind in sales compared to the PS4 they should have done so by lowering the price and eat the cost. How many billions do they have in the bank? Who cares? If you want the market share that badly just buy it. 

All I can say to this is that my confidence in their strategy and vision is shattered and this decision can be only called what it is: Stupid!

Androids biggest problem

I have been travelling quite a bit lately and whereever I go I check what kind of phones people are using. I expect tons of Android out there - but it is not what I see in real life. I would guess that more than 70% of people I see at airports, hotels, conventions and anything else related to business travel use iPhone or iPads (matter of fact - when it comes to tablets I still have to see an Android tablet being used in a business environment).

One of the issues Android is having is clearly fragmentation (see below) - where Apple is able to move all of their users to the latest version, Android Kit-Kat is still running on only a small amount of devices. What does this mean for the huge installed base of Android devices? If I add my above observation it could only be that Android users are not interested in updating because they are actually not using their smartphones.

That is a big problem! - Twitter bans Turkey

This shows how ineffective 20th. century oppression has become in our world. To try to control the free Internet clearly is the beginning of your own demise. This picture from Turkey shows a defiant people, finding ways around the states ban on social media. I assume by now this DNS Server is blocked in most of Turkey - however, there are millions more. Good luck with that and welcome to the reality of the 21st. century.