The concept of always being reachable makes us present nowhere.

Think about it. It's true. Always on has ruined our lives, our attention span, our ability to focus and our relationships.

Technology driven interruptions, initiated by ourselves through usage of social media, modern technology like smartphones, smartwatches and the integration of messaging services into anything that is connected to the Internet, result in a superficial lifestyle. 

We can not just enjoy the moment, almost all of us already lost that ability. We have to stare at some screen. Apple has to change the lighting algorithm for its iOS devices because it is proven we are not able to sleep anymore after using our phones and tablets in bed. 

We are doomed! We don't live fulfilling lives anymore because we have to look at somebody else's also not fulfilling life (but there is a chance we miss something great). We let FOMA dictate our days (and nights). 

Maybe it is time to disconnect. I got off Facebook years ago, I got off Twitter and I use my Apple watch as a WATCH (revolutionary concept). My phone is set to "Do not Disturb" most of the time, when I am not at work.  But most importantly any Technology interruption (Phonering, Mail chime, Message Vibration) is not more important to me than what I am actually doing in that moment. It's hard, distractions are wonderful things sometimes, but I am taking my life back.