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Androids biggest problem

I have been travelling quite a bit lately and whereever I go I check what kind of phones people are using. I expect tons of Android out there - but it is not what I see in real life. I would guess that more than 70% of people I see at airports, hotels, conventions and anything else related to business travel use iPhone or iPads (matter of fact - when it comes to tablets I still have to see an Android tablet being used in a business environment).

One of the issues Android is having is clearly fragmentation (see below) - where Apple is able to move all of their users to the latest version, Android Kit-Kat is still running on only a small amount of devices. What does this mean for the huge installed base of Android devices? If I add my above observation it could only be that Android users are not interested in updating because they are actually not using their smartphones.

That is a big problem!


Apple's earnings call shows iPad sales slipping

However, this is not necessarily unexpected as the category matures and growth rates of previous years are more or less unfeasable in a mature market.

16.9 Million Units in a quarter is still a nice figure though, hard to beat a gangbuster christmas quarter, and slightly higher than Q2/Q3 of last year.

Mar242014 - Twitter bans Turkey

This shows how ineffective 20th. century oppression has become in our world. To try to control the free Internet clearly is the beginning of your own demise. This picture from Turkey shows a defiant people, finding ways around the states ban on social media. I assume by now this DNS Server is blocked in most of Turkey - however, there are millions more. Good luck with that and welcome to the reality of the 21st. century.


Clip to OneNote

I am experimenting with OneNote since it is available for Free on all platforms. This Bookmarklet is very helpful:

You can find it here: https://www.onenote.com/Clipper/OneNote


OneNote for free for all platforms

Microsoft confirmed today that it is making a version of OneNote available for free on every major desktop and mobile computing platform, including even the Mac. Additionally, the firm has announced some new OneNote tools, OneNote Clipper and Office Lens, as well as new partner services and a new extensibility model that will make it possible for any cloud service to integrate with this amazing note-taking and thought organization solution.


Microsoft OneNote for Mac is here! And it's Free!

Microsoft released OneNote for OS X today - you can find it in the Appstore using this Link:


Searching the AppStore did not work for me - but that obviously should be fixed soon.

So download OneNote and enjoy! I prefer it over Evernote and the missing Mac version was the only reason for me, why I did not use it yet for all of my note taking - those days are finally over.

Great Product - great Price. Thanks Microsoft.