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15 companies that will define tech in 2014

I mostly agree with the list - however, I still believe Microsoft to belong on this list. With Windows 8.1 devices adoption accelerating in enterprises the marketplace will look different at the end of the year. 



At CeBit today Steve Wozniak gave a great interview in front of a packed conference room. I came early and was probably as close as I ever get to Woz.

Steve answered question ranging from if Tim Cook should be fired (no), if Edward Snowden is a hero or Traitor (Hero), he would use Google Fiber (immediately) and if he would run of Office (never!).

Very entertaining and giving some great insights in what the Co-Founder of Apple thinks about the company today.


XP Users wake up already! 

When I sit down at a PC running XP these days I usually have two thoughts going through my mind. First, how could anyone work with this garbage from 13 years ago - and second, why would anyone want to? The initial release of Windows XP was on August 24, 2001. Think about that for a minute!

That was before 9/11. We had at least 2 mayor wars since then. Apple released the iPod (First Generation) in October of that year. I had three kids since then. I mean seriously - get used to change people. What's the holdup?

I get it if you didn't like Vista (even though I don't understand it - it is a superior product in so many regards) - but XP instead of Windows 7? Come on, seriously? And yes, there are applications that didn't run on Vista, or Windows 7 - I understand that pain, I am responsible for running 15.000 Windows systems worldwide. But it has been 13 years - how much longer do you want to wait to change those applications or replace them finally? 

I found this graph on BusinessInsider and it is astonishing to me how reckless people are when it comes to the topic of Windows XP.

30% marketshare of all Windows versions - that is amazing. I hope you all know that the day for the funeral is fixed (and it's close). 

On a lighter note - migrate to Windows 8 - it's a joy and nearly not as bad as everyone wants you to believe - again, it is the best Windows yet.


World Wide Web Inventor: I Wasn't Expecting Kittens



I am at CeBit today and will take part in some exciting sessions including “Mobility in the age of Unified Communications” and a guest appearance of Steve Wozniak. Apparently I could also win one of his Apple II’s - besides that, CeBit is huge and I don’t really understand what people do here. Anything I have seen so far I have seen weeks or month ago on the Internet - probably I do not have the VIP access to the really cool stuff. Anyway, I’ll keep looking. 


What the Shift?

Really Apple? You have to completely mess up my typing experience on all of my devices? What is wrong with actually using non capitalised letters? Are you telling me this is the first step to get rid of the onscreen keyboard and it will be replaced by SCREAMING at my iPhone.

I mean seriously, I understand all of your Design Language talk - but this does not make my life easier - it makes it considerably harder! Please bring back my old keyboard - thank you!