Lync Mobile

Microsoft had announced that they would ship Lync Mobile for iOS this quarter and it seems they will keep that schedule – however my sources at Microsoft revealed that indeed the Lync Mobile Client will only do Chat – no Voice or Video. Call control will be included –but this feature I have already since years with iDialog.

So what the heck Microsoft? I don’t need another chat client – I want to do Audio and Video Conferencing from my iPhone and iPad. I had really hoped MS would come around on this one especially after seeing the Skype iPad app.

So – for my Enterprise users (and we now support almost 4000 iOS devices) I have to come up with something that actually delivers the functionality.

My choice so far is MaxMobile Server 2011 by Altigen. It adds another Server infrastructure to my already existing Lync infrastructure and therefore I would have rather just used any native Microsoft App but if this is what needs to be done to get Voice on my iPhones I am willing to invest in the infrastructure. MaxMobile does not provide Video and I haven’t seen any announcement that they would in the future but the Voice part looks very good and their converged iFusion Phone really brings convergence to the enduser equipment.

Check it out here:

I am right now at the beginning of our deployment therefore most of what I have seen is still based on marketing material – but if it all works as promised this solution will give me the Mobile / Lync convergence that my users are expecting today.