iTunes 10.5.1 Beta 3

Fortunately I still have my Apple Developer Account so I can follow the latest releases of Beta Software. Usually I am not that interested – Apple tends to run short Beta’s and therefore I am patient enough to wait for the final product.

However – since I have been waiting for iTunes Music match I have been following the latest iTunes Beta releases more closely – especially since every time the iCloud database of my available music has been reset. iTunes match was supposed to come out in October – but without any official word from Apple it has ben postponed. I believe based on the fact that the Beta releases are now coming out very fast (first beta was release on the 3rd. of November) that the wait is almost over.

Another hint is that a couple of days ago Music Match showed up on my Apple TV – it was already included in iOS 5. However you need to switch it on first on your PC/Mac inside iTunes and so far it is only showing “coming soon”. So hopefully in November we will see the final product. I use iCloud and the possibility to download my music already with all my music bought from iTunes and cant wait to be able to also access the other 90% of my music library from the cloud.