iTunes Match is live

Last night I was able to activate iTunes Match after finally the iTunes Update came down to my iMac. This for the first time was a not very well coordinated product launch that I had witnessed from Apple. I was able to purchase the subscription 2-3 hours before the actual iTunes Update was available. So I was confused about what was happening.

However – after the update – iTunes Match started to do its thing.

And I was able to see that in my Music Library iTunes match was marking the titles that are only available in my iCloud (Titles I had purchased in the past from iTunes but deleted in my Library) as well as Titles not eligible for iCloud (it seems files with .m4p extension can not be uploaded, even when they are clearly music files). I also saw quite a few titles with errors while uploading to iCloud – I assume this will straighten itself out after a while.

On my Apple TV and iPhone I now have my complete library available – this is nice as now at home I can actually shutdown my iMac when I don’t use it (TV Shows are already available through iCloud and here I don’t have anything ripped from DVD so all my shows are available and now I also have my complete library).

On the iPhone I had to replace my existing  content (which was only a small subset of my library) and now can access all my music.

So far no hiccups and everything worked very smooth – 25$ well spent.

I now can also reconfigure my Carbonite Online Backup and take out all Music files – this will help me to cleanup my offsite Backup considerably.