Where is Lync Mobile … and while we are at it, what about Office?

Still no word from Microsoft about Lync Mobile – no release date and no feature spec. However, it seems that Version 1 will be really limited to IM and Call Control – no actual Voice or Video. On the upside it seems it will be delivered as an App to all platforms – so also to Windows Phone (I would like to see tighter integration in the next Windows Phone Update though).

But Lync is just one example where Microsoft seemingly stumbles when it comes to alternative platforms. in January 2010 I was excited to find OneNote for iPhone and had hoped for more Microsoft apps coming my way – however that did not happen. OneNote is still not available as a native iPad app and more Office apps have not materialized.

This is understandable taking into account that Mobile Office might be the only differentiator in the coming iPad 4 vs Windows 8 Tablet fight which will help Microsoft to garner some momentum in the Tablet market. But to ignore the huge iOS and Android market for not cannibalizing a very small part of the overall Mobile Market in the distant future does not sound like a good business strategy to me. This week finally a Microsoft spokesperson said:

"We already deliver Office on multiple platforms and devices and are committed to expanding in the future, but have nothing further to share today."

(first reported on BusinessInsider.com)

Expanding in the future can only mean the iOS or Android market – Office is already on Windows, the Mac and Windows Mobile.

Hopefully we will see MS Office Apps on iOS soon as this would be a huge push for the enterprise market and would increase the business value of the iPad dramatically.