Microsoft’s year end iOS rush

Over the last week several new iOS Apps appeared from Microsoft showing clearly their commitment to the platform and hopefully this is just the beginning of bigger things to come.

The release of OneNote for the iPad for me personally is huge as I am a dedicated OneNote User and the absence from the iPad pushed me to Evernote (which is a very nice App but doesn’t fit with my productivity tools that I am using every day at work).

Also over the last Days the more gaming oriented “My XBOX Live”, “Halo Waypoint” and “Kinectimals” arrived – the last one is so cute that it is easily worth the 2,99$.

And today SkyDrive became available which allows you access to your 25GB of free space in the cloud from Microsoft. Considering that SkyDrive is the glue of many of Microsoft’s consumer cloud offerings (OneNote uses SkyDrive for synchronization, the Web based versions of Office depend on SkyDrive for storage) this might just be the first step of a full blown Office rollout.

And any day now we will get Lync for iOS – so it seems that iOS becomes more and more a fully supported Office Client.

With the already available Bing, Live Messenger and Photosynth Apps, Microsoft has now an impressive number of iOS Apps available – and most of them are free (btw. what kind of world do we live in where an amazing productivity tool like OneNote is free and a cute game for preschoolers cost 2,99$?).