2011 is over

For many of us a challenging year - from a technology point of view though very intersting with plenty of new exciting stuff.

My personal highlight for the year would be the iPad2 and its dominance of the market - it is amazing to me how there can not be any real competitor out there even two years after the first iPad came out and redefined the category. Read about the state of the tablet how I see it here:


This week I will look at the Kindle Fire and the Nook to see how the closest competitors to the iPad are doing.

For the iPhone - the S(kipyear) version - is doing everything for me that I wanted or needed (which basically was a better camera that replaces my point&shoot camera). I mean what else should a Smartphone do? Ok - by now others have bigger screens (but for that I have my iPad - because if I need a bigger screen I REALLY need a bigger screen). And don't get me wrong - I am not an Apple Fanboy, I liked the Windows Phones that came out with Mango to the end of the year - I just can't never use them because all my content is locked into iTunes (and for all those of you who think that is bad I just say maybe so - but it is simple and I have much better things to do in life besides constantly organizing, synchronizing and copying my media files).

So Mango - great product. Hopefully they don't mess it up next year by porting too much of Windows 8 to the phone platform - to be honest, why don't they just do it the other way round?

For the enterprise space I still believe Lync is the most disruptive technology on a big scale - iCloud on a much smaller scale - but both of them will change the perception of how mobility and collaboration is supposed to work.

And finally - one of my personal favorites - iTunes Match. Just because I am now sure I only have legal music and I can access it from anywhere and any of my devices I carry around (and the rest of my family can do the same). Often bashed but from my point of view a real gem iCloud PhotoStream - I share my iCloud ID with 4 people in my family and love to automatically get all there photos all the time - just a wonderful feature (and with the next iOS update you will be able to delete pictures from your PhotoStream and with that my only complaint goes away!).

For 2012 I am excited about Windows 8, Windows 8 Server, whatever Microsoft is doing with Lync and Skype integration, the new Office, the iPad3, Windows Phone 8, the final demise of RIM and the Hobbit.

And with that I wish a happy New Year to all of you ! See you on the other side.

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