We have been waiting quite a while for the official Microsoft Lync Client for the iPhone (or Windows Phone 7) – unfortunately the original timeline (by June) got changed. The new release date is now Quarter 4 of 2011. This is too bad – as of today there is no OCS/Communicator client provided by Microsoft for the iPhone or iPad and iDialog (which I recommend) has not been updated for more than 2 years.

Providing iPhone and iPad Users the possibility to join Conference Calls and Videoconferences from their devices as well as chat and have Audio Calls would be a big step forward and bring two core technologies – Unified Communications and Mobility – together.

Microsofts statement regarding the development of the Lync Mobile Client:

Connect using your favorite smartphone Mobile clients for Lync, developed by Microsoft, smartphone vendors, or development partners, will be available for all major smartphone platforms. Microsoft-developed Lync clients will be available for Windows Phone 7 and iPhone, jointly developed clients will be available for Nokia phones, and partner-developed clients will be available for other smartphone platforms.