Lync Mobile

From the responses I have gotten to my last Blog entries regarding Lync Mobile on Windows 7 Phone and iOS devices it seems that this is a critical application to quite a few people.

I fully understand this as I was looking for Apps supporting Lync and OCS for a long time and as I have mentioned on this Blog iDialog is the best alternative so far – or do you know anything better? Anyway the timing of the iDialog Update last week surprised me as I thought they had stopped development on the App (there were no Updates for at least 2 years). Why now with Lync Mobile coming soon with much better integration and functionality ?

Well – if you trust the latest news regarding Windows Phone 7 Mango and the included features for Lync Mobile it seems that Microsoft did not add anything in regards to functionality that is not available already in iDialog. No Audio or Video Conferencing or any of the other features I would have loved to see in a mobile client especially when we talk about the iPad version. So by the end of the year Microsoft will come out with a client that can do the same what iDialog 2.0 provides today – which makes a case for iDialog updating now and staying in this business. If they are able to add Audio and Video this will still be my preferred client – I just hope they do.

And Microsoft, really? – please take a look at the Skype Apps. I admit they are sometimes buggy – but I don’t care if my IM crashes once a day, as long as I also get a lot more functionality like Video everywhere.