iMac Unboxing

I have waited for this moment now almost 3 years. I always wanted the 27” iMac but couldn’t really come up with a good enough reason to invest in another piece of computer hardware.

With my first MacBook ageing and other factors like running this as a test unit for the new iMac generation as well as turning it into the centerpiece of my Media Center setup I finally invested 1800€ and ordered the iMac 10 days ago.

Delivery was fairly quick – I had ordered the iMac together with a new HP Printer and they had to combine both deliveries somewhere first before handing it over to UPS so they didn’t quite make the announced 4 days of delivery time.

So here are some pictures:



It took me about 10 minutes from when I shoved the UPS guy out of the door until everything was setup on my desk. A couple of things that I liked from the first moment: Just one cable (power), Keyboard and Trackpad ready to go (batteries, bluetooth pairing already done) and as usual the unbelievable short setup (took me less than 4 minutes).

I bought the low-end i5 (amazing we consider Quadcore systems low-end these days) but I have to say – very snappy! My picture library if about 55GB in size and “just” opened – no waiting, one or two jumps in the dock – and iPhoto in full screen mode on 27” is just perfect.

iLife 11 is of course installed and I am now moving my iTunes library over. This takes a little longer because I have to copy 1,2TB from my old MacBook to disk first – so I will maybe follow up on the iTunes performance with a later post.

So far I only installed iWork in addition to what came with the box. Tonight I will put MS Communicator 11 for Mac, Office 11 and the MS RDP Client to access my virtual Windows Vista Client at home on - more on this experience later.

So far – very impressive system!