iPad App Review–Zinio

I am using iBooks and the Kindle App on my iPad for reading Books – too be honest I still prefer my Kindle for any longer reading. However what I don’t like in the iBook store and the Kindle store is the selection of available magazines and the pricing structure.

So after looking around for a while I discovered Zinio – I used their PC and Mac App before to buy and read some of my favorite english magazines which are usually grossly overpriced if you buy them in paper in Germany.

The pricing at Zinio is much more favorable (e.g. National Geographic for 15$ / year).

Their iPad App just works great and the iPad has the perfect form factor for a magazine – on top you save a lot of trees and money by going digital.

So this is how it looks like – here a look at your library sorted by title.

And here a look at the Store:

Of course it needs some time getting used to reading and browsing through a magazine on the iPad but it definitely has a lot of benefits and Zinio is the best App and store I have found so far to do this.