Windows 8 Preview

At an industry conference on Wednesday Microsoft showed of a first preview of the now aptly named Windows 8 (previously it was to be only mentioned as Windows vNext) – for now at least MS is fine with Windows 8.

As expected the main features are a new UI (which will not replace the existing UI therefore not break any application) based on the Windows Phone Tile base UI experience – however using different underlying technology as MS has stated before that Silverlight is not there focus on the PC anymore – it is used for Mobile (meaning Windows Phone) development but not on the PC side – here the underlying technology is HTML 5 based.

In addition to the new UI which was portrayed as the biggest change to Windows since Windows 95 (by looking back I am not sure that is possible – we will see) MS also revealed their AppStore (will they be allowed to call it that? Or is apple already suing?).

The release date will be according to MS not in 2011 – which is fine with me, at least I will get a couple more month out of my Vista investment (I am not a Windows 7 fan and Vista works just fine – you can stop shaking your head, I get that a lot).

So we will see – for enterprise customers this means that with a possible early release in 2012 all critical application should be tested and running on Windows 8 by the end of 2012 – so next mayor OS Rollout Wave will be in 2013.