Windows 8 Developer Preview Experience

Setup: started 12.23

Installing on a Lenovo X201 ThinkPad with an external USB DVD drive

I tried to do an Upgrade installation but Setup stopped with an error message on Windows Vista so I am doing a fresh install.

12.27 Language selected (English only at this point) and file copying starts

12:32 First restart – could it be done ???

12.33 Second restart – could it be done now ???

12.39 Personalization, WiFi Setup done

I choose to use my Live ID for Logon – I don’t really use the account for anything else so it will be interesting to see what kind of personalization settings are retrieved from the account.

… Preparing your PC takes 2 minutes – and DONE

Well – that was my fastest Windows setup ever – so far so good. Altogether, with personalization and setting up my WLAN it took less than 18 minutes.

So first thoughts – I like the UI. Unfortunately even though I have a touch device, Touch does not work. This is a little bit frustrating but probably more of a Lenovo problem than a Microsoft issue.

Tweet@rama works just fine – not the best Twitter Client I have seen but probably one of the cleanest ones (this seems to be a main design consideration for many of the Apps and Windows 8 itself – it is not cluttered).

Settings is the first thing confusing me – do I go to Control Panel, do I open Settings from the desktop ? Well I have found what I was looking for (Windows Update) but it seems I can not do anything (I wanted to see if I find drivers for my Lenovo to actually use Touch).

Hmmm, when I go to more settings I am back in the Windows 7 Control Panel – this is getting interesting. I found the Updates and there are 6 optional Lenovo Updates – nice. Touch is working now – it is smooth and nothing compared to the sloppy Touch implementation on Vista – it just works as you would expect it. Not 100% iPad responsiveness but very close (and this is Pre-Beta).

The RDP Client Connection failed on first try – now that I have figured out how to configure the Gateway Service it just works. I am in business! Hmmm – after I logged off my Virtual machine and tried to login again I get an error message that there is no security information available. I will try to fix this the default way – Reboot.

Okay – this is freaky. 7 seconds and I can login and login itself takes 2 seconds.

Unfortunately it did not solve my Virtual Client Issue – time to Google. No Google answer – besides a hint to go directly to mstsc (I should have known).

For today that is all – I will look at more features in the coming days.