Ultrabooks and Tablets

It is amazing to see all the CES coverage on Ultrabooks and Tablets and the commentary going along with it. I still don’t get it. These are all products that are not available (yet), have generally no new features beside the form factor and are comparable in pricing to Apple products that have been on the market for years. I would love to see real competition to the MacBook Air the iPad but all I see is me-too products that might or might not compete on price alone. I mean really – every other Ultrabook looks exactly like the MacBook Air (lawsuit anyone?). So what is the deal? These products will eventually go on sale, at the same time probably competing with the iPad3 and a new MacBook Air.

I  just wish for some more creativity, just the same system that can now run Windows 7 and in 6-12 month Windows 8, and might look the same but did not go through two or three product iterations yet just won’t cut it for me. The way I see it the Kindle Fire is still the only competitor to the iPad2 until the iPad3 comes out.

Why am I so sure about this? Because last year I got excited about the Xoom – and to a lesser degree the Playbook. Weeks of my life I will never get back…