Do we need another social Q&A Site? seems to think – yes, we do. And a week and a half after their launch I have to admit the site really grew on me.

The frontend is simplistic and easy to manage, performance and functionality is what you would expect and the integration with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn is nice and keeps you going back to the site (in some cases more often than I wanted too I have to admit …).

By simply adding the hashtag #ASK on Twitter your Tweet will also end up in Beepl which makes it very easy to use both platforms if you are doing research on a specific topic.

I have to say that for now my only complaint is that critical mass is not there (yet). Some questions will go unanswered and especially when you go a away from the trivial to the expert knowledge it is lacking.

However I think the platform is on the right way, as I said the functionality is there, the design is nice and the social status of Beepl Rank is an incentive to come back and take part.

So I will beepl on (surely this has to become a verb at one point – why don’t start immediately) and see what critical questions of my fellow Beeplers I can help with today.

Go here to check it out yourself: