So the government has been tracking our printouts…

… and how is it that no one is talking about this? I mean this has been going on since 2005 and I just now found out when I checked some of my printouts and found these yellow dots all over them (you have to use a microscope to see them).

So besides me obviously everyone knew – at least there are some reports on the Internet (surprisingly not many though).

You can check here if your printer is printing an identifier:

And here is a picture showing the dots and their meaning:

(decoding also done by – picture by druckerchannel) seems to be the one site that has been tracking this story for the last couple of years.

This to me is more creepy than many privacy concerns discussed these days. Every single printout has the date, time and serial number imprinted on each page – taking into consideration that many printers connect to the Internet it is possible to exactly pinpoint the location of the printer used to print a specific page.

How can this not be a much bigger topic? I don’t get it.