iOS is the dominant mobile platform

IBM released it’s yearly analysis of mobile shopping for Black Friday. The result leads me back to my overall impression that market share doesn’t mean anything if you don’t know in which market you are.

Android is clearly the market share leader in the Smartphone market – or is it? If you take the numbers from above you have to question what people are doing on their Android devices. It is clear that iOS users use their devices as a replacement for their traditional PC/Laptop – they are actually using the “Smart” part of their Smartphone. Android users obviously tend to focus more on the “phone” part of their Smartphone.

As most of the Android devices out there still run just terrible versions of the Android OS (from a regular users perspective) this is no surprise and I doubt this will change in the near future.

Which again gives a third system that is easy to use, price competitive and well established in other markets an actual fighting chance: I predict we will see more people using Windows Phone and Surface users than Android in this comparison 12 month from now.