Surface RT–how to do a factory reset

Well – this was supposed to be my blog entry about unboxing the Surface RT (finally) – as you can see from the title though something went horribly wrong …

To reset your Surface RT just follow theses simple steps:

1. Attach your Touch Cover / Type Cover
2. Power on your Surface
3. Press and hold the Left Shift key at the Login screen
4. Press the Power icon
5. Press Restart

Your Surface RT will boot into a light blue screen with some options on it.
1. Click on Troubleshoot
2. Click on Reset your PC
3. Follow the prompts.

At one point it asks you for a recovery key – I didn’t really get why they need that after I just clicked on what sounded to me like “Factory reset” – the recovery key is for the disk as it uses Bitlocker –don’t worry about it and just click on “skip this drive”.

 The reset will take some time, but let’s you start over again.