WhichAirline.com–check this site out for your travel needs

I just checked out http://whichairline.com – a new site with a unique approach to find the best flight connections and cheapest flights.

Instead of showing a chaotic list of results, WhichAirline.com puts the flights into neatly arranged graphs with visual hints for flight duration and all stopovers. The new search assesses both price and duration of flights and shows a list of high quality results sorted by price to duration ratio. Long flights with stopovers are penalised for the extra time and appear on top only if the price is significantly lower than for a direct flight.


You can directly go to book with the Airline of your choice or a couple of booking portals. The interface is genius and the flight selection worked really well – however, the site claims to include cheap airlines like RyanAir which never showed up in any results for me even though I checked routes that basically are owned by them.

The site is new – so I am looking forward to future improvements, but even in the current state it took me 5 minutes to book my next vacation compared to hours of searching before. Nicely done!