The iPhone 5 is the worst Apple product – ever!

And let me say first of all – I am an Apple fanboy. I love Apple products and I am very close of owning at least one of each products released from Cupertino in the last 10 years.

However, this phone will probably be my last iPhone for a while – it is time to break out of lock-in and look elsewhere.

Why? Because Apple lost its way! It is not anymore providing innovative and easy to use products. Just the opposite.

Innovation is completely gone – the iPhone is merely evolving, but so slowly that Microsoft might have a real chance to leapfrog with Windows 8 Phone. Android phones already provide better functionality and sometimes even better hardware – too bad that their user experience sucks (it is getting much better with 4.0 though).

Easy to use ? Not this one. Ad tracking settings are found under “About”, Podcasts are in a different App that I have to install myself and the Restore of my Phone failed several times, just stopping installing Apps. Maps is a mayor step backwards and there is no fix in sight for that.

And don’t even get me started on the “Lightning” connector.

First of all – the name itself would imply speed! There is none! I get it Apple, you want to be cool – but this is just plain lying.

Second, why? This has no benefit to the user, all my stuff doesn’t work anymore, I can’t connect my iPhone to my car anymore, I can’t even buy the f**** adapter anywhere because you are not selling it yet!

So if you do a change like this just put an adapter into the box – just one! The pricing (30$) for a piece of cable that has production cost of approximately 0.60$ is ridiculous anyway.

Apple must have planned the maps and Scott Forstall disaster just to evade any discussion regarding the cable.

I mean you have 17,50$ for EACH human on the planet in the bank – you don’t need to make money on a cable that I have to buy without getting any benefits just because you wanted to save money on the production of the phone!

Oh yes, and the cable is white and shiny and now I can put in the plug either way – did I need that? No, but 30$ * my six devices with 30 PIN connectors = 180$ well invested…

All I think about at this point is that the Lumia 920 looks really good, has an innovative user interface and a standard Micro USB adapter – good bye iPhone, say hi to the Palm Treo and Blackberry Bold on your way out!