Windows Phone 8 – Lumia 920

Since I hate the iPhone 5 (and I still don’t have a converter for my now obsolete docking stations at home, in my car , at work etc. you get the idea, because you cant fr*#+!2 buy it) I switched it off and got myself a Windows 8 Phone.

I got the Nokia Lumia 920. Nice Phone! A little heavy, but beautiful (which the iPhone 5 isn’t). The best in-ear earphones I have ever gotten with a phone, or iPod. And wow – they didn’t show how exactly they make the phone during their announcement (you shouldn’t have done that Apple!) – but it is definitely the best quality I have seen in a long time. Did I mention that its really beautiful?

Anyway, Windows 8 Phone works just fine. Live tiles are great, yada yada… It always comes back to one big problem for me: Media tie-in.

I am an Apple guy, I only have Mac’s. How in the world do I get music on my phone and pictures off my phone? Ok, pictures is actually easy – I could just use SkyDrive. But music? I connected my Phone to the Mac and expected a drive I could access to show up – nope, no drive there.

Well, I figured if Microsoft is in any way serious about this, there must be an App for Windows Phone in the Mac AppStore. To be honest, I was more than surprised when I actually found the Windows Phone App without any problem – it’s right there (it got terrible reviews – but more on that later). I installed it, and it works! My photos go into iPhoto, my music, podcasts and video syncs with iTunes. No more media tie-in, bye bye iPhone! Well done Microsoft!

Regarding the bad reviews, most of them are about sync problems. So here is how to fix that:

One small problem during sync I had to fix by allowing the Windows Phone App access to the podcast folder. This might be something you need to do for other folders too. Here is how: In the Windows Phone App on your mac you choose File/Allow Access to Folder – then just navigate to the folder you have issues with syncing. Afterwards my podcasts synced just fine.

So Apple destroyed willingly the hardware lock-in by changing the connector, and Microsoft did the same for the Media lock-in with their App for Macs. I am a free man at last!