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I found because one of their co-founders contacted me and asked if I could review their site. I have to admit I usually like to review stuff that I am using myself and I believe are useful to me – so I was skeptical at first if I really need a trip planner online. My approach is usually the road atlas and my iPhone – that’s all I need.

However – I really liked their site-design so I gave it a try.

In a nutshell what does is planning your trip in three easy steps. Tripomatic recommends must see places in your chosen destination, maps them out for you and offers a personalized travel itinerary, that can be downloaded, printed out or shared.

The most visited places in the US and Europe are covered and they are adding new destinations in Canada and Central America.

My first trip I needed to plan was a failure – however, the destination I chose (rural West Virginia) was obviously not a fair choice as this clearly does not belong to the most visited tourist attractions of the US.

My second trip worked as promised and because of the destination I picked (Washington D.C.) the resulting itinerary was very helpful and made my trip much more organized than what I could have ever accomplished in just 10 minutes by myself. 

The steps were fairly easy – however some hiccups on the way (Washington, DC was not recognized as was Washington, USA – I actually had to use Washington, United States of America) – I assume these are just minor issues to be fixed over time.

The actual map that lets you create your itinerary includes everything you would expect: Activities, Accommodations and Transport can be added and you can plan your trip with as much detail as needed – I knew what I wanted to see (Whitehouse, Lincoln Memorial, Museum of Natural History) so it was easy to pick these activities, decide on a two day trip and print out everything.



Booking your Hotel is possible as it relays you to – if you prefer a different site there is no way of configuring this right now (I like to use instead)

All in All – a very nice site with good functionality that really convinced me that using a trip planner also for my next trips makes sense. It just needs some more content for places that are not tourist hotspots anyway – again, I assume this will come with time.