Is Mountain Lion an OS release or just an annoyance for professional users?

It seems the dumbing down from Cupertino keeps coming.

Mountain Lion, which was announced last Thursday without a big Keynote, wants to bring more of the iOS experience to the MAC. As a first step it dropped MAC from its name – it is only OS X (not MAC OS X anymore). 

Looking at what Mountain Lion consists of it doesn’t seem to deserve the title “OS” at all – its basically a downport of some of Apple’s Apps from iOS to the MAC. This in itself is fine – I don’t mind to be able to use these on my MAC if I want to – but the overall idea that my MAC could turn into an iOS device makes me cringe (and this is what Apple is hinting at with this release and the release of Lion last year).

I understand that this is probably the right way for maybe 80% of the users who feel more comfortable with an iOS like OS – but that leaves us 20% who don’t! So why not keep innovating on the iPad and give that to those 80% of users and keep innovating on MAC OS (instead of dumbing it down) for the rest of us. And while we are at it – if all those Apps are coming to the MAC, why not iBooks? This is the one App that I have been waiting for and that has been left out of the announcement. I can just hope that Mountain Lion will include iBooks when it is released in Summer and that there will be more to the new OS release than just ported iOS Apps.