iPad 3 – my wishlist

On March 7th. Apple will announce the iPad 3. I thought this might be a good time to put together my wishlist of features.

1. Retina Display – I think everyone agrees on this one – it will be there.

2. Siri – also a no Brainer. For me more important than on the iPhone – whenever I want to talk to my phone I am surrounded by noisy people so it doesn’t work. When I work on my iPad I am usually in my Office or somewhere else by myself – so Siri would actually help.

3. iPad 2 will become the low cost – low end iPad as a direct competitor to the only other tablet (Kindle Fire) and as a great device for the education market (499$ is too expensive) -  249$ would be a great price point, however 349$ seems more realistic.

4. better camera – yes I do take pictures and videos with my iPad and with iMovie on there it would be great to take videos and instantly edit them with iMovie.

That is all – as you can see I do not care much about CPU speed, number of cores, new batteries, LTE yes or no etc. – Apple has proven to me with the iPad and the iPad2 that their device will always be fast enough and the battery life will always be better than any other device I use – so I don’t worry about that. As I also do not use 3G on my iPad I do not care about LTE either – my phone is my hotspot so please bring LTE to the iPhone 5.