Lync Mobile for Android Update

Last week (on 23th February) Microsoft released an update for the Android Lync client.

Here are the main features of the updates:

  1. Enabled call-via-work – allowing Enterprise Voice enabled users to make and receive calls using your Enterprise Voice (Lync ID) number only. Connect with others using a single identity.
  2. Added user controls for adjusting the sound/vibration for incoming notifications
  3. Improved the Lync status icon : know if you can receive IM messages
  4. Enabled copy of IM text to the clipboard
  5. Multiple bug fixes

I have installed the new version of the Lync client and happy to see the development ongoing.

A nice feature for Android is now that it is also possible to "call-via-work" which was only deployed for iOS in the beginning.

Another point is the improved status icon. Now it is always visible in the notification bar showing the currently set status and if there are new instant messaging invites you will get a second notification next to the status icon.