Letter to Microsoft

Hi Steve,

I like Microsoft a lot – just sometimes whish you would actually try to compete a little bit more aggressive – maybe like back in the 90’s.

However, here are a few thoughts to get you back on track:

1. Give away Windows Phone for free to handset makers and get some market share. You will find better ways to monetize than selling Windows Phone licenses (e.g. providing really good business apps) .

2. Kill Sony and ship that next XBOX now. Seriously, what takes so long? Your competition is down – kick’em while you can!

3. Price Office 365 so aggressively that no one can decline – you’ll earn enough money in the long run and the world would be a better place.

4. Rethink your Cloud Strategy – make sure the end-user device can be any device and not just Microsoft driven – Skydrive for iOS was a good idea but utterly useless if you don’t integrate into iOS so that it can be used from Apps.

5. Explain your Tablet Strategy and realize that you have to be better than the Tablets already out there! Windows on Arm confuses everyone.

6. Ship your Apps for all systems! That might be hard, but if you want to earn a Billion overnight ship Office for iOS and Android for a decent price – if you just charge the same as Apple for Pages, Numbers and Keynote you have an instant hit!

7. Make hardware! Build your own Mobile Handset as a reference for everyone else. Build your own PC that truly gives us a Windows experience out of the box and doesn’t come loaded with crapware. You have the chance and everything you need to give your customers the “Apple” experience, why don’t you? It is just a reference platform for those of us who want to have a machine that simply works, you can still sell your stuff to every other PC maker out there.

So – just a few ideas. Maybe too revolutionary, but why don’t you split off the consumer business (XBOX, consumer PC’s, Windows for Consumers, Windows Phone, Zune?) and start actually competing on a faster release cycle – I have the feeling you actually have the technology to win!

If you need someone to run one or all of these projects feel free to give me a call.