Recover your media content from your iPhone

I had destroyed my media library on my MacBook recently and looked for a tool to recover my Music from my iPhone and iPods. I knew, altogether all my Music was there and just needed a way to copy it back from my devices. iTunes of course would only do this with bought content (from the iTunes store) and I didn’t have everything moved into iCloud yet (which I highly recommend doing).

So along comes Senuti (spell it backwards and you get where the name is coming from). It allows you to connect your iDevice and recover single songs, playlists or even tracks from a specific year. I needed to recover all of my music and it worked just great.

Senuti is very simple to use and can be a real life saver. The current version is free for 30days and 1000 songs – the paid version is less than 20$ and you can still find an older version that is for free.

Great tool! You can find it here: