iPad3 or Windows8 Tablet?

Today we will find out about the newest release of the iPad – presumably called the iPad3. Just one week ago I got my hands on Windows8 and run it on a tablet since then and this had some interesting effects on my daily work style.

It used to be me and my iPad2 for most of the time when I needed to be mobile – I left my MacBook or Windows PC at home and the iPad2 helped me to get most of my work done.

This changed over the last week and it mainly changed not because I don’t like my iPad anymore but because I like Windows8 better – why? Because with Windows8 I have everything I need with me and not just a subset of functionality.

On my iPad I worked most of the time with mail, some Apps and then once in a while I had to use a virtual client in my datacenter that I connected to, just to get my SAP workflow done or to look up some files and then send those files by email to my iPad. It works, but it is clumsy. On the other side, the iPad Apps that I use where better than comparable applications on my Windows PC and of course the iPad looks so much better, weighs less and the battery life is still amazing.

With my Windows8 Tablet I still have the weight issue – but most of the other issues I had with my Windows 7 Laptop went away. I can use touch to quickly look up stuff but still have a full computer connected via VPN to my corporate network, fully managed and with access to everything I could need.

I am looking forward to the iPad3 and I am sure I will get one as soon as possible but I also see that Windows8 might be the real winner in the 2012 tablet market. What could the iPad3 do to change that – not much (yes, the new display will be beautiful and the new camera and the new battery etc.).

What is needed is availability of more Business Apps (Microsoft Office that is not dumbed down, Enterprise Apps that do not work completely different to what I am already used to) and a tight integration into a Microsoft infrastructure (I know it wont happen).

After all – I still have one perfect option. I exchange my Windows Vista virtual machine that I access from my iPad with a Windows8 machine – with that I have the best of both worlds on my iPad3.