Apple TV real?

Lately we see (again) a lot more rumors regarding a big screen Apple TV. But what is considered big screen? Does anyone really still buy TV sets smaller than 52” ? So what would be the size for Apple to enter the market and what is the feature that would actually make it a competitor? After all, one thing we do know about an Apple branded TV is that it would be priced higher than probably anything else out there. So here is the feature that Apple can provide and no one else: higher than HD (1080p) content. Apple is the only one in the industry that could offer content from the first day on for a higher resolution screen via Apple iTunes. Suddenly it might make sense again for Apple to push that TV set instead of the current Apple TV set top box. All the features that we really want from an Apple TV (Siri, simple interface, easy access to a-la-carte content) bundled with higher resolution and content that actually uses this higher resolution and of course all of your content (pictures and movies) on a higher resolution screen than anywhere else. Makes sense to me – how about you?