Do I need the new iPhone?

It seems everyone agrees September 12th. is the date the new iPhone gets unveiled. That means 1-2 weeks later I could have one in my hands. Question remains do I really need it? I am always curious about how excited people get about new hardware.

I don’t care much about the hardware – I mean a phone is a phone. So what if the screen is a little longer and the back is not glass anymore (which is nice – I destroyed my 4Gs back twice). I care so much more about the software. iOS 6 is the important thing, not the new hardware.

Really, what is going to be new?

  • LTE – who cares, 3G coverage in Europe is excellent and fast, might be an issue in the States, but not here.
  • NFC? Until this is actually supported by enough partners we have reached iPhone 8Gs)

So iOS 6.0 is were it gets interesting:

  • No more YouTube App
  • Apple powered Maps with Turn by Turn navigation (I know, there are plenty of Apps who could already somehow do that – I don’t care, I want it in the OS, I want it working and I want it from Apple),
  • Tweeting with Siri and opening Apps is huge for me (I have too many Apps, finding them is annoying)
  • I could care less about Facebook integration – I don’t use it – but I see how people get excited about it.
  • Passbook is a great idea and I so much want to use it – however, let’s face it. I am in Europe! There are still restaurants here that do not accept credit cards, so never mind.
  • Shared Photo Streams – nice. Although everyone I want to share with already uses the same Apple ID so all our Photos end up in one stream. Might be useful. I never really used this in MobileMe (which is no surprise – it was terribly slow)
  • email has new features – really? This is worth mentioning? I guess.
  • Guided Access is not mentioned enough – for my business deployments this is huge. Turning off the HOME button alone is worth updating every single iPad immediately!

And let’s not forget, this is a Phone we are talking about. The new Phone options (Reply, Remind, Do not disturb) will be the main reason why I want to get iOS 6 on my iPhone! This is huge, and really was missing functionality so far. I had to go to Airplane Mode and switch Wifi back on just to not be disturbed by incoming phone calls – this is so much nicer!

Don’t get me wrong. I will take a nice new, slick, Apple designed hardware at any time! But the news for me is iOS – this is what I am waiting for - not the new hardware. What do you think?