Apple Announcement, what was not mentioned …

There was little excitement at this weeks Apple Announcement, the iPhone 5 is exactly what we all expected, the new iPods – well they are new, but why change the most versatile Nano to a small iPod Touch without iOS and a ridiculous price point? And how many times could Apple recycle different colors and actually use this as a selling point?

Apple does understand Marketing and that is the major lesson from Wednesdays' announcement – exciting new technology? Not so much.

I am looking forward to the next installment of the Tim Cook / Al Gore show in four weeks to check out the iPad Mini (seriously, Al Gore got more camera time than Tim Cook and he was just watching).

Besides announcements that weren’t really all that new we got some small details between the lines that I am sure many of us will obsess about until the next Apple show:

First, well, I guess this was obvious and overdue. If Apple and Facebook are able to work together there is no more reason for Ping. As a matter of fact – it is dead as of end of September.

Second, Ping got replaced with RADIO in iTunes. What does that mean? Will there be a RDIO, Spotify, Lala service included in iTunes? Or is it just there existing Internet Radio stations list? We will see…

Third, the price structure of the iPod’s doesn’t really leave any room for an iPad Mini. Sold for 249$ which from my point of view would be the sweet spot, it will cost less than an iPod Touch. Doesn’t make much sense – so October will be more interesting than I thought.