Shattered Nokia dreams

The event is over and Nokia managed to unveil nothing. Windows 8 Phone is going down the drain together with it’s last real handset maker. I can keep my iPhone.

This is basically what I got from the last two days. First, Nokia announces it sold 4 million Lumia’s in the last 3 month – that’s nice, but if compared to the 20 million Galaxy S3 sold by Samsung it is nothing. Basically Nokia is the only remaining real handset maker for Windows Phone devices at this point – and they don’t sell.

I had hoped for something big, something surprising. Instead the Nokia Lumia 920 is just an evolution of what we’ve seen before – and some people might argue that’s fine. The iPhone 5 will just be evolution, so what’s the big deal?

Well, the iPhone is a mature product that sells – the Windows Phone wants to leapfrog the iPhone. You can’t do that with evolutionary updates!

What is up with this strategic partnership?

No Windows RT tablet from Nokia that uses the Lumia brand and manufacturing process? I don’t get it.

No SDK for Windows 8 Phone from Microsoft yet for developers? I guess, to quote Steve Jobs, “Nobody wants Apps on their Phone!”

It just seems that the world has moved on and Nokia and Microsoft are copying their ideas from RIM and not from Apple. And why in the world would you announce anything one week before Apple’s new iPhone announcement – little reality check here: no one will remember any of this after next Wednesday.

Oh wait, I get it, that’s what your plan was!