State of the tablet

Last year I discussed where we are regarding the tablet environment and there wasn’t really much to say for the non Apple devices besides the fact that the Kindle Fire was winning on price (which we know by now is not enough).

This year looks different – but my prediction remains: The main competitor to Apple is Apple itself.

The Nexus is the first Android based tablet that actually feels like a competitor – it is 7” and 200$. Right now that means it has the market to itself but that seems to change fast.

The freshly announced Kindle Fire HD 7” sells at the same price, and while running Android it is not your typical Android 4.0 but heavily skinned.  The 8,9” version at 299$ seems to be the most interesting product – but it is hard to judge at this point.

The overall problem is that in the consumers mind a tablet is an iPad and as long as none of these devices do something differently or new they will have to compete on price alone. In that case as soon as the iPad mini comes out in 3-4 weeks – and assuming it will be the same price (199$ – 249$ would be my prediction) – the competition is dead.

Don’t get me wrong, these devices are nice and I will buy a Kindle Fire HD as soon as possible, but at the same price the “normal” consumer (e.g. your mother) will buy an iPad no matter what!

So the competition is between the iPad at 499$, the iPad mini at 249$ and the iPad 2 at 399$.