Another iPhone? Or maybe three?

Rumors coming out of Apple’s Asian supply chain have it that Apple is about to start production on 3 new models of the iPhone. These will be an iteration of the iPhone 5, another model with a bigger screen and later in the year one with a 12 Megapixel camera.

That’s all nice and I am sure some people get really excited about it especially if you hold any Apple stock and would like to get back on track with your 1000$ stock price prediction. But for the rest of us, does it really matter?

The iPhone software looks dated, there hasn’t been much innovation since iOS4 and there are so many new, really cool phones out there that this still might be too little too late.

However, that’s what I said about Blackberry and now I look at the Z10 and really want it instead of my iPhone 5. Recently on vacation I noticed how many people are now using Windows 8 Phone on Lumia’s – and those were mainly the young, hip people.

I don’t really care about new hardware, my iPhone 5 is fine (ok, quality wise it was a step back from the 4s but it’s still a pretty phone) – what I care about is functionality and cool and innovative software. If Apple wants to turn this thing around it has to deliver new software – not just another iteration of a 5 year old OS, after all Apple claims not to be Microsoft (even though they behave exactly like them lately).

New hardware is nice – but what Apple needs, and used to deliver, is a great user experience!