Windows 7 RIP - oh no, wait ... we didn't mean that.

After Microsoft had recently stated that Windows 7 would not be available anymore with new PC's the company backtracked and decided it will allow PC hardware makers to sell Windows 7 for the foreseeable future (the Windows Lifecycle Fact Sheet now lists the this as "tbd").

There is much to be said about this "error" in the first place - it looks more like a trial to me to see the market reaction. And I guess what MS saw wasn't what they hoped for - people do not want Windows 8 on their new PC but sometimes prefer an older OS with less tiles.

I am not sure I get why people want that - in a world where newer almost always is better (and in the case of Windows 8 or 8.1 comapred to any other version of Windows this is definately true). But we have seen this before - bad press can kill awesome products - I loved Vista and it was lightyears better than XP but the press said different so everyone believed it. 

I guess it comes down to the natural reluctance to change. No wonder OS X is so succesful - it's not just the price, it's also the fact that it is basically unchanged for ten years now (which doesn't make it bad, I am a huge fan of it for home use). 

Anyway, we could have Windows 7 in our lives for a little bit longer if we want it - isn't that comforting?