XBOX ONE - first impressions

I have gotten the XBOX One a couple of days ago and should have set it up by now, strangely enough that didn't happen yet. Christmas does that to people I guess. Instead I have tremendously enjoyed playing Halo 10th. Anniversary - switching back to the original graphics during the Campaign Play is a real eye opener to how much has changed and how little we remember. Anyway, XBOX One. I have got to unbox it and take a look at what is actually in the box and what kind of connectors it has. I got the CoD Ghost Bundle - however the game is a complete downloadable version - no DVD in the box. Besides the XBOX - that looks like an 80's VCR, and the Kinect camera there is a HDMI cable, wired headset (that connects to the controller) and the new controller itself. The one that comes with the box still comes with dischargeable batteries (come on Microsoft, take on some responsibility and just ship these things with rechargeable batteries) - I bought another one that was 10$ more expansive and can be recharged via USB. 

Taking a look at the back of the console shows you the possible connections, there is an HDMI in and HMI out as well as an IR out - probably for controlling your TV set. 

Besides that there are two USB ports (an additional one is on the right side of the console), optical sound out and an Ethernet jack. 

As I still have to continue to collect some achievements by finsishing Halo I probably wont be able to actually get the XBOX running until next week. As soon as I have it setup I will write up some more information about the capabilities besides playing games