Decline of the Mac? I don’t think so.

This graph (from SplatF via Business Insider) shows the recent decline in Mac Sales and some Sites have used it to show that the Mac business is failing.

To me, that doesn’t make sense at all. The iPad after all was Apple’s answer to the Netbook – and therefore is just a smaller “Mac”. The combined sales of Mac’s and iPad’s is staggering. And this is what we should focus on.

Yes, the iPad is a new category but its also for many of us our primary computing device which in the past was our beloved Mac. And even though we still need our Macs I am sure many of us have kept the current MacBook or iMac longer than usual – just because we use the iPad instead and don’t need to have the newest, smallest Mac anymore.

I will still buy a new Mac – but for now I am good with my iPad Mini. I am happy to wait another cycle for the next generation of Macs for now.