Windows Phone Updates

Microsoft released Windows Phone 7.8, the long awaited update for all of us who have gotten a Windows Phone just a little bit too early (before Windows Phone 8 launched). It more or less is an update to the start screen and gives Windows Phone 7 Users the same capabilities in changing the look and feel of the UI as Windows Phone 8 users (more tiles, smaller tiles).

Microsoft also released the first Windows 8 update dubbed “Portico”. When these updates end up on your Phone of course depends on your carrier, so it might be weeks or months looking at the update history of Windows Phone (this is not Microsoft’s fault, just a problem of the ecosystem they live in).

The overall question however remains for me: Why is the Windows Phone team doing these things almost always in complete secrecy? If there is a new Update to my iPhone it is almost publicized everywhere (even the minor updates) – but Windows Phone Updates? You basically have to search for this information, otherwise you would never know…