Skype Connectivity finally here!

Lync-Skype connectivity for presence, one-on-one IM, and audio calling will be available to all Lync users by June. Over time, we will add more capabilities, with video calling as our next priority.

Skype has been part of Microsoft long enough – it was time that the integration with Lync is finally coming. By June a limited set of functionality (see above) will be available. However, there are some more requirements on the Skype side:

There are two requirements for Skype users to use all of the features:

1) Use the updated Skype client (release TBD, but by June), and;

2) Sign-in to Skype with a Microsoft account (which can be associated with an existing Skype ID).

Sign in to Skype with a Microsoft account is not necessarily something the millions of Skype users do today. For the forcefully migrated Messenger community this is not an issue but the original Skype users are being forced to create a Microsoft ID and connect this to their Skype ID – Many users will just don’t understand why and if I add someone from the Lync side – how do I explain that a Skype ID is not enough – sometimes.

This strikes me as a weird requirement, there is no technical reason for this that I would understand – it looks more like another move to get everyone on the planet a Microsoft ID.

Besides that, I am excited. From a business perspective Skype connectivity is huge and long overdue.