Windows 8 is just fine - stop the constant complaining!

Before I even start to explain my point of view regarding the quality of Windows 8 I would just like to point out that, yes, believe it or not: The world is changing!

So get over your complaining about a missing Startmenu - I know, we had it for as long as you can remember and it worked just fine - but does that mean it is the end of the GUI evolution? I hope not. When I hear these days that the "desktop" metaphor of Windows (and other OS) is the perfect UI I have to ask myself "Where is that Startmenu on my desk?". Let's face it - it is a computer interface -nothing that translates anymore to the physical world. It doesn't matter if I press on a Start Button or if I move my Mouse to the bottom left corner of the screen - the difference is just in our heads and years of getting used to a specific way of doing things.

But, the world is changing. We all want touch centric interfaces - just admit it. So we are moving towards that. Soon we will move away from it to a 3D "Minority Report" interface run by Leapmotion / Kinect technology. Will that be the last step in interface evolution - I doubt it.

So stop moaning. Windows 8 is a solid OS, delivers the best performance of any desktop OS to date and come on - the interface needs just one or two days to getting used to. After using it for a couple of month now (most of the time on a none touch device) I don't want to go back and Windows 7 looks old to me. 

And by the way - do you remember how we all made fun of Microsoft for the idiotic idea to click on "Start" to get to the "Shutdown" option? Did we survive and get used to it? 

Well, the world is changing and we might as well embrace the change and hope for even more to come!