Blackberry Z 10 unboxing

I got my Blackberry Z10 today.

It is quite a nice device, I was very impressed by the size of it compared to my iPhone 5 and the weight which seems less.

If you check the actual screen size after turning the Z10 on you realize however that the viewable area is almost identical and that the bezel itself adds to the impression of a bigger screen.




The packaging is - a complete 100% identical copy of the Apple packaging.







The back provides a nice grip and the not so subtle Blackberry logo. No unneccessary writing though (this always annoyed me on my iPhone).







The screen resolution is not Retina - however, I was impressed by the responsiveness and clarity.

After the first boot 116MB of updates were waiting for me...






I will check the functionality and features over the next couple of weeks. I have never been a huge Blackberry fan and especially their hardware and email client usually turned me away. The Z 10 at least is a very nice piece of hardware, if the software is on the same level this might be the first Blackberry that I'll keep and actually going to use.