Product Review: Brookstone Bluetooth Keyboard for the iPad Mini

I have been looking for a while for a good Bluetooth Keyboard for the iPad Mini. I tried the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard which works fine, but for using it with the iPad mini and carry it around it always seemed too big to me.

It was also hard to setup as I used the Apple cover for the iPad mini and this limited me to a couple of fixed positions. 

I found the Brookstone Keybopard which solved all of my problems:

- it looks good (with the leather case that holds the iPad and the Keyboard)

- it is ligth and small, but not too small to type

- for 99$ including the leather case it is fairly priced

- it makes it really easy to carry your iPad and Keyboard - no need to hide all your equipment in a bag

I can fully reccomend the Brookstone Bluetooth Keyboard - makes it very easy to actually get work done on your iPad.

Here are some impressions: