Blackberry for sale!

So it's finally over. Blackberry's board of directors is exploring "strategic options" for the struggling company. That's "business" for lets sell as long as we still can. 

In my opinion Blackberry was doomed the day the iPhone was revealed. The long time option for enterprises around the world was RIM due to their Enterprise Server and unique infrastructure, making the devices manageable and "Enterprise friendly". Unfortunately many CEO's started to buy iPhones for themselves - a trend that is now known as the Consumerization of Enterprise IT. 

With Blackberry loosing it's stronghold in the Enterprise and a failed Tablet attempt it tried more and more to attract consumers to their devices - the only problem with that strategy is, that their devices never really were the reason people bought Blackberrys (ok, the obvious exception being the people who still go nuts over those tiny physical keyboards). 

I have tested the Z10 and I was impressed with the device - but there was nothing that made me switch from my iPhone or Android or Windows Phone and decide that the Blackberry Z10 is now my primary device. 

Now to the strategic options - there are none! Apple, Google and Microsoft all have their "own" hardware, by now all of these devices are manageable and Enterprise ready and there really isn't much that Blackberry would have to offer. 

So my prediction is that not much will happen in the near future, Blackberry's stock price will go down, down and down until finally the only company that always dreamt of having their own phone snatches up the remains for cheap and finally builds the Facebook phone.