Brookstone Rover 2.0 - Product Review

The Brookstone Rover 2.0 is a remote controlled spy tank that allows you to sneak up on people, take pictures and videos and share these online. It comes with stealth mode and a fairly decent nightvision. The pictures made by the builtin camera are good - not perfect. In addition it lets you use it for two-way communication and has an camear that is height adjustable.

For 149$ or less its a fun toy, the iphone/ipad app is solid and driving the rover around gives you a whole new perspective - your pets, kids and co-workers will love it as much as you do.

However there are two main issues with the Rover. First of all batteries - the six non rechargeable triple A Batteries it comes with give you less than 2 hours of operations. In a product like this you have to include a re-chargeable battery. Changing these continuously is not acceptable.

Second, the connection between your iOS or Android device is over Wifi - however it doesn't use your existing Wifi but builds its own adhoc Wifi.

This way you have a dedicated connection but can't use your smartphone for anything else. If you take pictures and you want to share these, you first have to disconnect from the Rover network and reconnect to your own Wifi. The overall process is cimbersome and it seems this could have been done easier by connecting to an existing home network.

The App quality is solid and moving the tank around gets easier with practice.

All in all in fun product, worth it's money, with potential for a 3.0 version.