Some thoughts on Apple...

Yesterday we had the big iPhone 5s announcement and over the last 24 hours I had quite a few discussions if the announcement was disappointing, what the "one more thing" could have been if Steve was still around and so on.

To be honest, this announcement was disappointing because we, who care deeply about technology, already knew everything since several month. There was no surprise, and to make it even more disappointing:

There never again will be a surprise for us!

We follow this company so closely and know so much in advance of any announcement that we cannot be surprised.

Why then is everyone talking about it?

Because we are the .1 % of people who are actually not surprised. I have watched "normal people" who are amazed by the fingerprint reader and looked at the Apple video explaining the technology in astonishement. People who think it is the coolest thing in the world to have colored phones and who don't care if iOS 7 is a copy of Android but who would rather run a OS that is clean and structured and that actually limits their choices. 

What we forget is, that "normal people" buy phones! Only because I am bored already by iOS 7 after running 6 beta versions on my iPhone 5 doen't mean that everyone else will not be completely blown away by the design and features that come to their new and existing phones next week.

This iPhone announcement will win Apple marketshare and it will solidify Apple iOS as the number one mobile operating system. Android might have more marketshare and activations if you count all Android versions as one - but if you look at the fragmentation and compare iOS 6 (which will stay around on older devices like the iPhone 3GS) to JellyBean and iOS 7 to KitKat (and their many forked developments) iOS is clearly the market leader now and for the foreseeable future.

There was no "one more thing" and no surprise anywhere else last night, but that might be exactly what the regular consumer wants:

A clear strategy for the hardware and the OS, a safe investment and no worries that todays phone is already old tomorrow, and well thought out features that give me real benefits everyday - and that's what Apple does focus on: a better camera, a faster phone, easy security.

What else could we ask for?