My Pebble is finally here

It feels like I have ordered my Pebble almost 12 month ago. Well, it's finally here.

As expected, the box is very clean. The Pebble and a USB cable - that's it.

After charging for a while I installed and started the Pebble App on my iPhone. The initial pairing worked fine, the update of the Pebble itself crashed once but went through without issues the second time, taking not longer than 2 minutes.

The setup process was straigth forward, hoewever I had hoped for some more builtin functionality. SMS to the watch is a nice feature, as is caller ID (the two functions that work right away) - but setting up email notifications only included GMail and I had to configure IMAP settings by myself to get any other account to work (which I am not done with). Shouldn't the App be able to list my configured email providers on the phone and present those to me as a choice for notifications?

Anyway - thats all the funtionality that is there at the moment. Pairing with RunKeeper shoul work but I have not figured out yet how. Other Apps seem not to exist or support the Pebble. This is obviously one of the shortcomings on a closed platform as Apple's iOS. There are many more Apps on Android that support Pebble.

So far it is a mixed bag for me. If email alerts work for all my accounts and I get RunKeeper to work then that's all I need (controlling the music player from your wrist is a very nice feature by the way!).