Do you need a new iPad?

Let's start with saying that I almost was right with everything I predicted for the Apple event yesterday - I guess the only thing they didn't announce was the Apple TV (they probably want something for next year).

The new iPads are here and they look really nice - I have to have the gold iPad Air 2 just because of its looks. However, considering that the technology updates are minimal it is not easy to predict if these will be a huge success. Most people don't invest in anew tablet every two years. Business Intelligence' Chart of the day shows the distribution of iPad models today. I think it is fair to assume that only iPad 1/2/3 owners are willing to change to the new hardware generation. 

I still have my iPad 3 and original iPad Mini - both work great and I only go for the new models because of the design and the color. I guess that means that Apple now is a lifestyle & design company.