Tile, Tile, Tile - oh wait, no Tile

After 5 weeks of no Tiles arriving (supposedly they have been shipped on the 16th. of September) I finally send them an email requesting the status of the shipment - this is what I got back:


Seriously, you will need 17 days to reply to my email??? I haven’t even gotten my Tiles yet and this just spells FAIL to me. Sorry, it seems there will be no unbiased product review on my site. This just annoys the heck out of me, if you don’t want to deal with your customers give them a tracking number so that I can get on the phone with UPS or whoever you are using - but “we expect to respond in 17 days to your email”? You want a handwritten letter? Would that be faster?

Hey Tile, the 60’s called - they want their customer support process back.